Innovation in Separation Technology
With a remarkable 40-year journey that has spanned the globe, REDA has established itself as a premier provider of high-quality process solutions in the food industry.
Founded in the early 1980s in Vicenza, Italy, and with manufacturing centres in Shanghai, Belgiu and the US, REDA was born from a shared vision among its founders, each bringing their unique technical expertise and contributing to a broader perspective of technological development.

While the food and beverage industries continually evolve, our unwavering passion, ever-growing experience, and commitment to absolute quality have remained constant. Today, REDA employs a dedicated team of 100 professionals and operates from an expanded production facility in Italy. Our team of engineers is fully committed to project design, engineering, and automation, ensuring that our solutions embody the values of dedication, precision, and expertise instilled by our designers and engineers.

Since our inception in 1983, our world has undergone tremendous change, with new careers, opportunities, and a wealth of knowledge. Reflecting on the incredible achievements we have made thus far, we are driven by the belief that innovation knows no bounds. At REDA, we are poised to embrace the future, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in pursuit of continued excellence in the food industry.
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