Introducing REDA Process Lines, the most reliable solution for the production of pasteurized, ESL (Extended Shelf Life) milk, as well as milk for cheese and fermented products. With advanced process technology and carefully designed equipment, REDA opens new opportunities in the modern market.

REDA combines mechanical and thermal treatment methods tailored to clients’ needs, ensuring maximum bacterial removal while preserving the nutritional qualities of the product. The pasteurization technology developed by REDA prioritizes product quality, safety standards, and efficient production.

These process lines can be configured as fully or semi-automatic setups, utilizing either plate or tubular heat exchangers for maximum flexibility and performance optimization. All units are pre-assembled on a skid, ensuring easy installation with a “plug-and-play” concept.


  • Extended shelf life compared to traditional pasteurized milk
  • Higher product quality
  • Increased storage life without the need for aseptic treatment
  • Preservation of freshness, taste, and nutritional value
  • Excellent taste qualities preserved until consumption
  • Expanded market coverage and accessibility for retailers and distribution chains
  • Reduced returns compared to fresh milk
  • Investments tailored to the specific needs of customers

    Experience the advantages of REDA Process Lines, delivering exceptional quality, extended shelf life, and market advantages for your milk and dairy products.

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