Introducing the REDA RE-B Series Clarifier, a specially designed centrifuge for separating microorganisms (spores and bacteria) from raw milk. This separation process offers numerous benefits:

  • Improved shelf life of milk on the market
  • Enhanced bacteriological quality of milk used for cheese, milk, and whey powder production
  • Restoration of quality in unfavourable milking, logistics, or environmental conditions

During the separation of bacteria, the milk is also cleaned from any dirt or extraneous particles. The process can be managed using either the standard single-phase system or the two-phase system with recirculation.

These centrifuges can be positioned before or after a skimming separator, but for optimal bacteria separation, the product temperature should not fall below +55°C. Therefore, its natural placement is within a pasteurization or sterilization line. Additionally, the efficiency of bacteria removal depends on the product’s specific characteristics.

Bacterial removal is crucial for higher-quality, longer-lasting fresh milk, making the REDA RE-B Series Clarifier an essential addition to milk pasteurization or thermisation processes.

Mechanically separating microorganisms from milk using the centrifugal force of separators, this specialized process eliminates undesirable effects such as acid fermentation, cheese blowing, and a reduction in milk and byproduct shelf life caused by bacteria and spores. Due to the higher density of bacteria and spores compared to milk, the mechanical separation effectively eliminates them. Furthermore, since spores are resistant to heat treatment, their removal becomes a valuable complement to milk thermisation, pasteurization, and sterilization processes.

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