The RE-W Series Separator is specially designed for the recovery of residual fat in whey after cheesemaking. These separators offer exceptional separation efficiency for fat globules that would otherwise remain in the whey.

The RE-W separators achieve high-level separation efficiency through the combination of a high rotation speed bowl and a unique design of the disc stack. The whey is gently pressurised and accelerated to the separation speed using a soft inflow system, ensuring the protection of fat globules. The wide working surface, along with the high centrifugal force and rapid sludge expulsion, guarantees outstanding skimming efficiency.

With the RE-W Series, there is no need for a recovery pump after the process, as skimmed whey and cream exit the separator under pressure.


  • Automatic control of cream concentration
  • Vibrating screener for pre-filtration of curd-fines
  • Pre-filtration system on skid for curd-fines separation prior to processing
  • Experience the exceptional performance and efficiency of the RE-W Series Separators, unlocking the potential to recover valuable fat from whey while ensuring top-quality cheesemaking processes.
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