Milk clarification is a crucial step in milk processing to ensure the production of high-quality dairy products.

Upon arrival at the dairy, raw milk typically needs to undergo cleaning to remove solid impurities that may be present. These impurities can include dirt particles, straw, hair, sand particles, blood residues, udder cells, somatic cells, bacteria, and spores. The RE-P series of REDA clarifiers is specifically designed and constructed for efficient milk cleaning (including cow, sheep, goat, etc.).

The effectiveness of impurity removal and clarification efficiency depends on the quality and temperature of the milk. Cold milk can be easily processed by slightly reducing the bowl speed without compromising its characteristics. The feeding pressure passes through a soft flow inlet system, allowing the milk to reach the appropriate speed for clarification while preserving the quality of sheep and goat milk, which is particularly important.

The wide working surface of the clarifiers, combined with the rapid expulsion of sludge, ensures high-level clarification efficiency and a significant reduction in bacterial load.

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