The REDA RE-V Series Wine and Grape Must Clarifier is the ultimate solution for achieving pristine clarity and enhancing the quality of your wine.

Designed specifically for wine and grape must clarification, our REDA clarifiers excel at separating heavier solids such as yeasts, residues, bentonites, coals, and more. By effectively removing these impurities, our clarifier streamlines subsequent processes in winemaking, resulting in an improved final product.

With its continuous clarification capabilities and preset automatic discharges, the REDA clarifier ensures longer production autonomy, allowing you to focus on other important tasks. Thanks to its hermetic process, there’s no risk of wine oxidation, even when working at high pressures, making it ideal for sparkling wines.

The standout features of our REDA clarifier include a large operational surface for maximum efficiency in solids separation and automatic ejection of solids with exceptional precision. This not only saves wine and must but also simplifies maintenance.


  • No oxygen absorption: Enjoy the confidence of airtight operation without the need for mechanical seals, preserving the integrity of your wine.
  • Soft Spindle SystemTM: Our innovative direct drive system, coupled with a standard motor and frequency onverter, ensures smooth and reliable performance.
  • Periodic discharge at preset intervals: Maintain optimal efficiency by automatically discharging accumulated solids at the right time.
  • Product outlet under pressure: Achieve seamless integration with your winemaking process, facilitating easy transfer and handling.
  • 100% Stainless steel construction: Built to last, our clarifier features a corrosion-resistant design with no painted surfaces, ensuring hygienic operation and longevity.
  • Easy installation and management: We’ve prioritized user-friendliness, allowing you to quickly set up and efficiently operate the clarifier.
  • Optional automatic bypass at discharge: Customize your system with an automatic bypass feature for added convenience.
  • Optional automatic output turbidity control: Gain precise control over the clarity of your wine with the automatic output turbidity control option.


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