REDA clarifier is designed with the purpose of beer clarification by directly and efficiency separating and ejecting the heavier solids contained therein (eg: yeast, solid residue of hopes, tank bottoms).

Thanks to its automated control the process of clarification comes in continuous, without the need of intermediate stops for cleanings, even with high flows.

Reda brewing technology is tested and developed to respect natural characteristics of raw materials, while guaranteeing faster brewing with time and labour saving and no compromises of final product quality. The result is preservation of beer’s original flavour, as well as taste and organoleptic characteristics for a long time. Centrifugation allows a significant reduction in discharges to your waste water station.


  • ZeroOxTM: zero oxygen absorption system
  • Hermetic working without mechanical seals
  • Soft Spindle SystemTM: the REDA direct drive system with standard motor and frequency converter
  • Periodically discharged at preset intervals Product outlet under pressure
  • Automatic output turbidity control
  • 100% Stainless steel, no painted surface Easy to manage
  • Automatic By-pass at discharge
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