The RE-T/TE Series of new generation separators ensures superior milk skimming performance, gentle treatment of fat globules, and efficient operation under hygienic conditions.

With a specially designed hermetic inlet/outlet flow system, the product smoothly enters the bowl and gradually accelerates to the separation speed, preventing air from entering the flow. This system ensures delicate handling of the product while preserving the quality of fat globules.

A mechanical innovation in gear transmission eliminates the need for a recovery pump. The direct gear transmission is connected to a soft spindle vertical shaft. Two rotating pumps, one for skimmed milk and one for cream, optimize energy efficiency during product extraction. The PRS system is included as a standard feature.

The series features a redesigned solids room with a larger volume, resulting in fewer discharges and reduced product losses. The direct drive system incorporates a specially developed motor directly mounted on the centrifuge shaft. This minimizes energy loss, reduces the footprint, and lowers maintenance requirements due to fewer moving parts.


  • Optimized energy consumption with the Special VDF
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Cost-effective maintenance
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