Modern aseptic buffer tanks are the best way for storage and preservation for general liquid foods thanks to their safety characteristics, hygiene and duration in the time.

Their main application is to maintain sterilised and refrigerated the product under conditions of total sterility, waiting for its filling by one or more aseptic fillers. They are suitable for fluid or dense products, also with contained of particles or filaments
in suspension, and they can be integrated with special agitators (with aseptic barriers) guaranteeing in this way the homogeneity of the product in the tank even after a long term storage.


  • Fully aseptic
  • Outstanding production flexibility
  • Consistent product quality
  • Reduced product losses
  • Extremely short pre-sterilisation time
  • Designed for absolute vacuum (no implosion risk)
  • Operator-friendly touch-screen controls • Fast and easy cleaning
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