REDA ATR-UHT plant (Aseptic Tubular Reda-UHT) represents the new generation of sterilisation plants where have been applied the more advanced techniques of thermal exchange and controlled operation through full automation.

This processing equipment combines high efficiency with great versatility and is the preferred choice of many dairies and other food producers for UHT processing of milk, flavoured milk products, cream, coffee cream, ice cream mix, dairy desserts, yoghurt drinks, soy milk, baby foods but also suitable for other applications such as fruit juices and nectars, fruit purees and concentrates, tea, and other soft drinks.

All REDA ATR UHT plants have a very compact design and are supplied pre- assembled and tested. The full automation makes user-friendly operation and grants constant high quality and the sterility of the treated products.


  • Great production flexibility.
  • High thermic regeneration effect (up to 87%).
  • Working autonomy up to 16-20 hours with milk and up to 120 hours with juices.
  • Suitable to work with high operating pressures.
  • Product quality and safety.
  • Minimal product losses.
  • Efficient production.
  • Minimized consumption of energy and other resources.
  • Very low maintenance costs. • Long-term competitiveness.
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