New Standard for Efficient Mixing Solutions
Daniatech was founded with the aim to develop and sell “state of the art” mixers for the process industry.
From the beginning the dream was to create high quality and energy-efficient solutions. In close cooperation with Belgian pump manufacturer “Packo Pumps”, Daniatech has developed a highly efficient and robust mixer unit. The revolutionary mixer design offers improvements on every important parameter.
The company vision is to become the leading, independent supplier of process and mixing solutions in the dairy, soft drinks and prepared food industry. Customers are met by dedicated experts with great knowledge and well-proven solutions. This expertise will benefit you.

Key Benefits:
• Require 20 to 40% less energy.
• Flexible mixing system options.
• High shear and no shear applications in the same equipment.
• Fewer spare parts – In total: Three wear and tear parts on the mixer head. Standard parts, no special parts.
• Simplified service. Higher up time/less lost production time.
• Smaller footprint.
• Simple and fast installation - plug and play. No on-site assembly.
• Low noise levels - down to 74 dB.