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The LiquidMaster is the most energy-efficient solution for inline High Shear mixing on the market.

The powder is dosed manually into the vessel, where the liquid level is manually controlled by a butterfly valve on the inlet pipe. The mixer works according to the rotor-stator principle, where a special closed mixing wheel distributes the product through the patented slots. The unit circulates approx. 75% of the liquid back into the vessel. The mixer is very versatile and can be used in many setups and applications.

For low to medium viscosity the mixer performs the out-pumping action itself. For high-viscose applications (>250cp) the setup requires positive feeding.

The mixer is integrated into a table that offers an ergonomic working position.


The LiquidMaster is used for mixing of powders and liquids:

  • Sugar solutions
  • Recombined dairy products
  • Brine emulsifiers
  • Stabilizers

Homogenisation down to 1 my lump free.


  • Mixer unit (230/400V 50Hz) with shaft sealing
  • Tri-clamp inlet/outlet
  • CIP spray ball with manual butterfly for cleaning


  • Double mechanical shaft seal with Bürkert (1/8”) solenoid valve and throttle valve
  • Control cabinet with Start/Stop
  • Control cabinet with speed control
  • Fitting SMS DIN/ISO. Other on request
  • Other motors, Nema exx & etc on request.
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