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The VacuumMaster represents the newer and more energy-efficient generation of mixing solutions for the process industry. Not only is it more compact and perfectly optimised for energy-efficient high shear mixing, it is also virtually maintenance-free.

The vacuum feature allows automatic handling of the powder dosing directly from big bags or silos. By means of vacuum the powder is drawn into the mixer below liquid level and instantly wetted.

The powerful, high shear mixer generates a controlled vortex in the tank. The combination of vortex and vacuum effectively separates air from the liquid and generates a perfect homogeneous dispersion within seconds.

The result is a highly stable and homogeneous, air- and lump-free product.

Depending on the selected options, the mixer can be used as a batch mixer or an in-line mixer. For in-line mixing a circulation loop is required.


The VacuumMaster has been optimised for mixing of a wide range of products, e.g.:

  • Products for spray drying
  • Soft drinks
  • Ice cream
  • Sugar solutions
  • Pectin solutions
  • Syrup
  • Slurries
  • Soups
  • Recombined milk-based products

The final product must be pumpable using a standard centrifugal pump – viscosity up to 2000 cP. For viscosity above 2000 cP, a ProcessMaster is required)


  • Mixer unit with flushed mechanical shaft seal (requires frequency control)
  • Vacuum pump with water-saving unit (requires frequency control)
  • 3-way valve for CIP of vacuum pipe
  • Man way with safety sensor
  • Inspection glass with wiper / inspection glass with LED light source
  • 2 x powder valves (butterfly)
  • 1 x outlet valve (butterfly)
  • 2 x rotating spray balls with 3-way valve from vacuum pipe
  • 2 x level sensors top & bottom
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Pressure sensor
  • Fittings: TRI-Clams, SMS or DIN-ISO


  • Powder hoppers (100 l, 250 l, 500 l, 1000 l & 2000 l)
  • Powder hopper for small ingredients incl. butterfly valve
  • Extra powder valve 2½” butterfly/extra inlet in top
  • MCC panel with frequency converters
  • I/O panel for pre-connection to central control
  • Outlet pump
  • Load cells (2 Global Weighing) with transmitter in stainless steel box
  • Insulated jacket
  • Process valves of different brand (Bardiani, GEA,SPX, etc.)
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