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The LabMaster represents the next generation of mixing solutions for the process industry. The LabMaster is a small, compact mixer designed to work as pilot mixer for developing new recipes but can also be used for small scale productions.

By means of vacuum the powder is drawn from the funnel into the mixer below liquid level and instantly wetted. The powerful, high shear mixer and scraper agitator generates a controlled vortex in the tank. The combination of vortex and vacuum effectively separates air from the liquid and generates a perfect homogeneous dispersion within seconds.

The result is a highly stable and homogeneous, air and lump-free end product.

The unit comes with an isolated jacket for fast heating and cooling with steam or ice water. For extra quick heating the unit is equipped with a direct steam valve.


The LabMaster is used for mixing of:

  • Sauce
  • Dressing
  • Gels
  • Cream
  • Emulsion

Homogenisation down to 1 my lump free and viscosity up to 50.000 cP.


  • Mixer unit (230/400V 50Hz) with shaft sealing (incl. inverter)
  • Vacuum system with vacuum pump (incl. inverter)
  • Insulated steam/cooling jacket with valves
  • Direct steam system
  • Scarper agitator with gear
  • Lid lift with electrical actuator
  • 2 x 25 litre powder/liquid funnels with manual butterfly valves
  • Outlet with manual butterfly valve with Tri-clamp
  • Integrated PLC control system 9” display


  • Fitting SMS DIN/ISO. Other on request
  • Other motors, Nema, exx & etc on request
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