Saunders P345 Actuator

The Saunders P345 is a polymer based piston operated pneumatic actuator, designed to provide a superior performance for Bioprocess applications.

Offering superior performance, the design of this new compact, polymer pneumatic actuator is consistent with Saunder’s commitment to developing innovative products that address unmet customer needs and offer operational savings.

Designed to operate at 4.5 bar while maintaining industry leading closure performance of 10 bar (EPDM diaphragm) and 8 bar (PTFE diaphragm), this reduction in necessary air consumption will provide a lower total cost of ownership compared to existing technologies. Such performance is achieved within a highly compact dimensional envelope and at a 30% lighter weight compared to typical stainless-steel variants. Furthermore, the use of polyamide housing and a stainless-steel bonnet provides a resilient actuator-to-body interface ensuring product robustness throughout regular maintenance routines.

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