The S360 is a compact, lightweight, piston-type pneumatic actuator which has been developed to deliver superior performance for sterile BioPharm applications.


  • The Saunders S360 features the ability to fully rotate the actuator head by 360°, enabling flexible installation and air-port alignment. This in turn reduces installation cost and optimizes incorporation into compact valving arrays or skid arrangements
  • Smooth corrosion resistant profile optimizes cleanability
  • The Saunders S360 has a unique compressor attachment that permits easy conversion of the compressor between rubber and PTFE diaphragms.
  • Modular range delivers optimum dimensional envelope and closure performance


Saunders® S360 Lite

The Saunders S360 Lite range provides standard closure for spring-to-close applications in a very compact, lightweight package and is ideal for most applications and is available through sizes DN8 – DN50 (0.25” – 2.00”).

The S360 Lite range is a very compact actuator that offers shutoff performance in line with standard industry applications. The S360 Lite is available in spring-to-close operation with optimum spring force to closure to minimize stress on diaphragms. Suitable for 10 bar line pressure at 100% Delta P (both PTFE and Elastomer diaphragm).

Saunders® S360 Power

The Saunders S360 Power range offers higher operating closure performance in a compact package for high operating pressure or atypical closing conditions with high pressure on both sides of the weir. The S360 Power spring- to-close actuator is available through sizes DN15 – DN50 (0.50” – 2.00”).

The Saunders® S360 actuator is also available in spring- to-open and double acting modes. Suitable for 16 bar line pressure at 100% Delta P (both PTFE and Elastomer diaphragm).

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