As the inventor of the diaphragm valve, Saunders has been a key player in the evolution of high purity valve technology. Continuing the lead in aseptic valve technology, Saunders has engineered a suite of automation products that add intelligence to a diaphragm valve offering new possibilities to customers.

Saunders-VUE, through FlowTherm, offers intelligent solutions for diaphragm valves in the Life Science Industry. Saunders-VUE platform is designed to maximize plant efficiency by eliminating false alarms and reducing set-up times. Saunders-VUE valve sensors provide a wide variety of diagnostic features that help in continuous monitoring and preventative maintenance. All the unique features can be operated remotely over an industrial network or locally using a magnetic key to extract diagnostics and facilitate safe, secure and efficient processing and maintenance.

Saunders-VUE range of valve sensors are designed to provide positive and accurate confirmation of valve position while delivering a wide variety of diagnostics to enable continuous monitoring and preventative maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Continuous sensing technology
  • Remote calibration
  • Self-calibration
  • Visual indicator
  • Mechanical & LED
  • Digital cycle counter to assist in predictive maintenance
  • Enhanced diagnostics
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