The Saunders elastomer diaphragm, brought to you by FlowTherm, is an intricate design and not a simple injection molded part. Layers of proprietary blended and calendared (rolled into sheet form) rubber is vulcanised with high strength woven reinforcement on site at Saunders Cwmbran to make the most reliable diaphragm on the market.

Saunders ER grade diaphragm is manufactured from a specially formulated EPDM compound. The ER material is peroxide cured for optimum cross linking and to minimize extractables and leachables. The ER grade diaphragm is suitable for typical applications in the bioprocess industries such as buffers, CIP and SIP, protein solutions and other products.

Key Features:
  • Enhanced surface finish integrity to assist process purity (ASME BPE compliant)
  • Up to 40% improvement in compression set characteristic, compared to typical EPDM diaphragms, to reduce need for re-torque and ensure seal to atmosphere
  • Excellent chemical resistance to typical Biopharm process media
  • Front to back technology ownership optimizes security & reliability
Type EE Grade EPDM Diaphragms

The EE grade diaphragm is constructed from Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) base polymer. Originally developed to meet BioPharm customer requirements for an EPDM grade, this diaphragm has demonstrated excellent performance on the full range of bio-process applications. The EE grade diaphragm has full industry compliance. Available post cured variation designated as grade EF.

Type 500 Grade Silicone Diaphragms

The 500 grade diaphragm uses a dicumyl cured silicone that is fabric reinforced to optimize flex life. This is a white grade of diaphragm which offers very low levels of extractables and leachables. Silicone is ideal for low temperature environments and applications. Like all Life Science Diaphragms, the 500 grade Silicone Diaphragm is FDA conforming and USP Class VI tested and certified.

Type PV Grade Passivation Diaphragms

The Saunders PV passivation diaphragm has been developed specifically for use during the passivation of stainless steel systems reducing installation and set up costs for the end user.

Key Features:

  • Reduced cost versus single use PTFE diaphragm
  • High visibility tag reduces risk of diaphragm not being replaced
  • 100% interchangeable with Saunders Life Science PTFE diaphragm range

Type 425 Grade EPM Diaphragms

Manufactured from inherently stable EPM (a copolymer of Ethylene and Propylene monomers)

Key Features:

  • Organic peroxide-cured for reduced extractables and leachables
  • Enhanced temperature performance and chemical resistance due to fully saturated hydrocarbon backbone with no double bonds
  • Available post cured variation designated as grade E3
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