Saunders pneumatic actuators permit remote operation of the valve, either as an alternative to manual operation or as an integral part of a control system.

EC Actuator

The EC is a compact, lightweight piston-type pneumatic actuator developed specifically for BioPharm applications. The housing is manufactured from PES (polyethersulphone), a high performance thermoplastic. PES is known for its outstanding strength, chemical resistance and thermal properties. The EC features compact size and a smooth exterior profile that includes shrouded fastener design for 2-way bodies and slotted base for use on block type bodies.

EC actuators are available in sizes DN8 – DN50 (0.25” – 2.00”). All three operating modes: double acting, spring-to-close and spring-to-open use the same housing and share the same reduced overall size.


ECX Actuator

Saunders ECX type actuators are designed to offer an extension to the EC size range while maintaining a compact envelope size. The ECX is available in sizes DN65–DN150 (2.50” – 6.00”). The housing is manufactured in coated silicon aluminium for optimum chemical resistance and long life. With an extensive range of spring packs available,

Saunders offers an actuator to suit a wide range of pressure and flow variations. Available in spring close, spring open, and double acting modes of operation to suit process needs. A wide range of options including switches, positioners, limit stop and visual open/close indication are also available.


Key Features:

  • EC offers direct connection to accessories including switches and positioners to eliminate hysteresis and inaccuracy
  • Stainless steel compressor, air-port connections and body fastener inserts
  • Operating temperature -10° C to +100° C, and autoclavable to 150 C
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