FlowTherm presents the XLA automatic coupling system with touchscreen, which allows during a transfer of fluid, a device to be supplied continuously by an automatic change of tank, while evacuating the non-product associated gas that is located in the piping. As a rule, this unit is installed upstream of a filler or storage tank (fermentation tanks to filters, etc.).

The XLA system operates as a standalone unit. It can operate in 5 different modes: product transfer automatic mode, water flush mode, blending mode, unit CIP mode, operator override via tactile panel mode.

In its standard version, the unit comprises 2 lanterns and 1 control unit and incorporates a stainless steel chassis (see below).


  • Secure transfer of beer with continuous degassing function, with no risk of contamination during the transfer and changing of the tanks
  • Unit fully washable in situ
  • Interactive and tactile interface, colors and multilingual for easier operator use and control
  • Control system with dialogue capability with supervision



  • Secure and optimized transfer of beer from the fermentation tanks to conditioning, according to the manufacturing stages
  • Water flush and simple blending of the beer
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