The XCHE is a device placed on the dome of a tank. At a single point, it can be fitted with equipment for pressure (SHP safety valve) and vacuum protection (BOG or HSV-A vacuum break valves depending on diameters), for washing the tank, the XCHE and all its components, and for pressurising and recovering fermentation gases (CHE washing check valve). The XCHE is also equipped with additional taps, for stainless steel rupture disc and/or for pressure sensor.


  • Smaller size of the all-in-one device to facilitate installation on new or reconditioned tanks
  • Reduced installation costs, in particular because of the small number and diameters of connections, and by using the same tubing for all the features described above
  • Total protection of the tank, in particular against thermal and chemical shocks
  • Continued operation assured during process phases (recovery of fermentation gases, pressurizing, rendering the interior inert, etc.), including when the washing ball is immersed
  • Product quality preserved as a result of a design complying with the most stringent international hygiene standards and of reinforced sanitising (CIP/SIP)



  • Manufacture and storage of alcoholic carbonated beverages (beer, sparkling wine, cider, etc.) and non-alcoholic drinks (water and other sodas)
  • This equipment is designed for fermentation tanks, filtered beer tanks, yeast propagating apparatus, yeast storage tanks, conditioning tanks, manufacturing tanks, storage tanks and other buffer tanks
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