The valves in the SHP range from Servinox and FlowTherm are PED certified security equipment intended to protect production lines and tanks containing group 2 gaseous fluids against excess pressures (service pressure above 0.5 bar). The pressurised blow-off is collected.


  • High performance safety valve: KD gas and vapour 0.74
  • Flush hygienic design on tank dome with RA less than 0.6 μm
  • Fully autonomous (no external control required for its operation)
  • Compliant with “ATEX 94/9/CE zones 1 & 2, gas and dust”



  • Tank and process equipment demanding the highest standards in hygiene (agrifood, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics)
  • Tanks subject to PED compliance where the service pressure is more than 0.5 bar
  • Designed to transport groups 1 & 2 gases and water vapours (in line with component compatibility with the products)
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