FlowTherm help meet the transfer needs of a multitude of products with the B series lobe pumps, along with the utmost respect for their hygienic and physico-chemical characteristics. Appreciated all over the world for their constructive solidity and performance, they are among the most reliable products in terms of performance, solidity, durability, ease of maintenance and containment of operating costs.

The volumetric lobe pumps of the B series are traditional, the standard version is in stainless steel AISI 316 L mounted on a transmission support in cast iron protected by epoxy paint or, optionally, by a chemical nickel-plating treatment. A clear separation chamber between pumping body and support, allows the housing of the sealing members, preventing any contamination between pumped fluid and lubricant. The foot of the removable support simplifies installation (inversion of the shaft position) for connection with horizontal or vertical pipes.

The OMAC lobe pump is modular, designed in such a way that the main parts (rotors, seals) and options can be added or exchanged according to changes in the application requirements. The mechanical parts in oil bath are of extreme rigidity and compactness with double preassembled tapered roller bearings, shafts, gears and oversized support, which together with the quality and precision of the workings, allow to obtain tighter tolerances (the rotors do not have no point of contact) ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the pump. A wide range of seals and gaskets is available, carefully chosen according to the characteristics of the product transferred.


  • Range consists of 16 models
  • Flow rates range from 0.05 to 200 m 3/h
  • Available in the following versions: ST with standard tolerances, SM with increased tolerances (both available with AISI 316 or Duplex stainless steel shafts)
  • HP with axle rotors in Acteon (stainless steel anti-friction) and Duplex shafts for counterpressure up to 20 Bar
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