The bunging valve system, from Servinox and FlowTherm, is an element used to regulate pressure, as well as controlling fermentation and maintaining a constant pressure in a tank.

A ball ensures sealing on contact with a lip seal. The pressure adjustment is via a sliding stainless steel weight on the lever. The system comes with a 63 mm diameter stainless steel manometer.


  • Fermentation control
  • Maintains a constant pressure
  • Possible versions: Pressure, Pressure/vacuum, Pressure/pressurization, Pressure/vacuum/pressurization



  • Equipment for maintaining pressure for tanks where the pressure is between 0 and 6 bar
  • Process equipment especially suited to beer production (fermentation, filtered beer and storage tanks) and wine production (sparkling wines)
  • The bunging valve system is an element for regulating pressure and is not, therefore, a security accessory intended to protect against excess pressures and as a rule is not sufficient to protect against vacuums
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