In the event that you need custom designed solutions, Saunders Bio Block diaphragm valves are tailor made to your unique specifications and requirements. FlowTherm and Saunders, are pleased to work with you to identify and select the ideal valve design to optimise the performance of your system.

Bio-Block valves offer the foremost expression of aseptic diaphragm valve technology. Bio-Block designs are machined from solid bar, or billet, in order to create tee configurations (or, in cases, clusters of shared-chamber-weirs to reduce wetted area). Bio-Block configurations ensure optimum drainability and the highest level of system integrity.

Almost every process system includes a unique piping challenge that does not lend itself to conventional solutions. Saunders custom designed Bio-Block valves replace welded clusters, manifolds, and valve/fitting combinations and offer the most compact, minimum dead leg design for optimum process integrity.

This product is available in:
  • OEM
Availability (country):
  • Australia
  • Singapore
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