The valves in the HSV range are hygienic equipment intended to protect tanks against vacuums (vacuum breaker) and/or excess pressure. They are fitted with a technical tube (washing function, sterile air intake). The pressurised function blow-off is collected. The passage sections, different for pressure and vacuum, are specifically designed to protect the tanks against sudden temperature variations resulting from hot washing (and SIP) followed by a cold rinse.

Servinox is able to design a valve with respect to tank characteristics (diameter, height), resistance (pressure and vacuum) and washing conditions (temperature, flow-rate).


  • Valve certified 3-A 58-01
  • Combined pressure and vacuum
  • Specially designed for protection against thermal shocks (hot/cold washes)
  • Fully autonomous (no external control required for its operation)
  • Hygienic design
  • Simplified and cost-effective maintenance (with no lifting or special tools)
  • Numerous options available according to requirements



  • Tanks not subject to PED compliance where the service pressure is less than 0.5 bar
  • Tanks subject to PED compliance where the service pressure is more than 0.5 bar (special version available on option)
  • Tanks where the service temperature does not exceed 120 °C
  • Exclusively designed to transport gases
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