The Habonim Flush Tank series incorporates all the advantages of the 3-piece ball valve 47 series and the TuBore™ 48 series. The innovation of the Flush Tank valve is the geometric design of the pad, which becomes an integral welded part of the customer’s tank surface, allowing a smooth flow and preventing media stagnation. The result is a perfect adaptor between reactor and valve body, the Flush Tank Valve brought to you by FlowTherm and Habonim.

The pad is designed for easy installation. It minimises the diameter of the prepared tank bore, reduces installation time and welding operations and, most importantly, minimises the stress concentration and tank deformation due to weld over-heating. The Habonim standard flush tank pad fits most tank configurations such as dished, flat, ellipsoidal, jacketed, conical or spherical. For special applications, such as replacing a conventional flush tank valve with a direct flow, higher Cv, quarter-turn flush tank ball valve, Habonim manufactures adaptive plates. Habonim can also ship the pad independently from the valve, in order to accommodate customer requirements to simplify the vessel construction process.

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