Habonim line of three-piece ball valves is engineered for endurance and to meet the most demanding industrial and international standards.

The 47 series, is designed and manufactured for applications with high-flow capacity and tight shutoff, to ensure reliability and functionality. The 3-piece body construction allows for in-line maintenance and replacement of internal parts. Its sturdy construction is in compliance with ANSI B16.34 (wall thickness) and API 6D standards.

The TuBore™ 48 series is Habonim’s line of sanitary ball valves for the pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, food and beverage industries. The valves comply with ASME BPE standard for applications in which sterility, cleanability and drainability are essential for product quality.

The 26 series is designed in full compliance with ANSI B16.34 and API 6D standards. The 26 series include Habonim unique hybrid seats which combine the strength of a metallic housing with a polymer insert to withstand operation at the maximum ANSI B16.34 Class 600 rating differential pressure. The 26 Series is available in a variety of cast carbon steels, WCB, LCB, LC1, and in response to global market demands, it is also available in additional materials including stainless steel, nickel and exotic alloys. All of this contributes to making Habonim’s 26 Series an ideal solution for the Oil & Gas market.

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