MBS is a leading manufacturer company of tubular and scraped surface heat exchangers in various fields of application.
MBS srl, founded in 1995 after extensive research in collaboration with various Italian universities on the effects of tube corrugation in thermal exchange, has emerged as a prominent player in the field of heat exchangers.
Their breakthrough fluid dynamics analysis program enables the selection and sizing of the most efficient and suitable heat exchangers for diverse applications. In 2008, MBS joined the CSF Inox Group, solidifying its position as a leading supplier of heat exchangers in Italy and globally. With ISO 9001 certification, MBS demonstrates its commitment to quality.

The MBS team comprises experts who provide comprehensive technical and commercial support for heat treatment applications in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. By employing the lean production method, utilizing top-quality raw materials and special alloys, and leveraging their extensive experience and professionalism, MBS ensures high quality across its product catalog.

Experience the expertise and innovation of MBS as they continue to deliver innovative heat exchanger solutions, meeting the diverse needs of customers in various industries.