Jul 2023
Flowtherm’s LabMaster trial unit

Innovation knows no bounds when engineering prowess meets culinary creativity. The Flowtherm LabMaster trial unit is a testament to this, as it redefines the possibilities of mixing systems and recipe development. In this insightful exploration, we delve into how this remarkable trial unit is transforming the landscape for engineers and Australian food manufacturers alike, revolutionising their processes. 

Welcome to the intersection of engineering ingenuity and culinary creativity, where Flowtherm’s LabMaster trial unit is revolutionising the landscape of mixing systems and recipe development. Engineers and purchasers seeking to transform their mixing systems or embark on innovative recipe trials find an unparalleled gateway to exploration in the LabMaster trial unit.

Catalina Donato, Flowtherm’s Capital Equipment Division Manager, emphasises the real-world benefits: “The LabMaster trial unit empowers engineers to test and optimise mixing techniques, assess ingredient compatibility, and fine-tune recipes before scaling up production.” With this powerful tool, engineers and purchasers have the means to revolutionise their processes and achieve extraordinary results.

In the world of food and beverage manufacturing, where consistency is crucial, the LabMaster’s unique features play a pivotal role. Its high-shear mixer and vacuum system work in perfect harmony, delivering a stable, homogeneous, and lump-free product. Manufacturers can achieve exceptional dispersion, emulsification, particle size reduction, and structural development by harnessing the LabMaster’s high-shear mixing head and Daniatech’s innovative design. This translates into superior product stability, cost savings, and cleaner label options.

The LabMaster’s versatility extends beyond mixing capabilities. Its combination of jacket, direct steam injection and flash cooling enables rapid heating and cooling, enhancing performance during product trials. Engineers can simulate various thermal conditions, studying the impact of temperature on their products. This level of control optimises batch cycles and confirms shelf-life, ensuring the highest standards are met.

At Flowtherm, providing trial units is just the beginning. Engineers benefit from a holistic trial process tailored to their unique needs. Flowtherm offers the option to conduct trials using the LabMaster at customers’ own facilities, facilitating a seamless integration into their workflow and enabling a true representation of their production setup.

For those aiming to expand production capacity and efficiency, the Daniatech ProcessMaster is a game-changing solution. Its automation capabilities streamline critical production stages, reducing manual intervention and human error. Engineers can automate ingredient dosing, mixing, temperature control, and data logging, enhancing production efficiency and enabling consistent and repeatable results.

Furthermore, the ProcessMaster offers high-level customisation to meet specific requirements. Vessel sizes, mixing head configurations, and process control options can be tailored to fit precise needs. This flexibility ensures seamless integration into existing production lines, enabling customers to increase capacity without disrupting their workflow.

Flowtherm’s dedication to minimising risks and expediting time-to-market is another cornerstone of its approach. The LabMaster and ProcessMaster serve as invaluable tools for testing products, validating processes, and optimising recipes before full-scale production. By leveraging these innovative tools for rigorous testing, engineers minimise potential risks, reduce time-to-market for new products, and ensure thorough validation of processes and recipes before scaling up. This strategic approach gives our customers a competitive edge.


A 2022 ITS tests of a high-shear Daniatech LabMaster batch mixer with some condiment recipes

As the world of mixing systems and recipe development evolves, Flowtherm remains at the forefront, empowering engineers to unlock their full potential. Our LabMaster trial unit and ProcessMaster offer not just cutting-edge technology but a collaborative partnership aimed at transforming the way our customers innovate and excel in their industries. Join us on this transformative journey where boundaries are pushed, and new possibilities are realised.

Step into the world of Flowtherm and discover the remarkable impact of the LabMaster trial unit. Together with Flowtherm, let’s explore how this pioneering technology reshapes the art of mixing systems and recipe development, empowering engineers and the industry to achieve new heights of success.

The LabMaster trial unit will be available for viewing at Foodpro 2023, 23rd-26th July in Melbourne, read more about the LabMaster display here.

Read more about the Daniatech LabMaster and other Daniatech mixing solutions here


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