Nov 2023
Key Takeaways from Cibus Tec 2023: Exploring the Future of Food Technology

Cibus Tec, the renowned international food technology trade fair, returned with a bang in 2023, offering a promising glimpse into the future of the food industry. As the first Cibustec event since 2019, it brought together a vast array of industry experts, exhibitors, and visitors, leaving us with several key takeaways that are worth sharing.

1. Record-Breaking Attendance
With more than 1200 exhibitors, this was the largest Cibus Tec event to date. The sheer number of participants highlighted the importance of the food technology sector in Italy and beyond.

2. International Flavour
While Italians made a strong showing, it was evident that Cibus Tec had attracted a global audience, with international buyers from various countries exploring the latest innovations in food technology.

The CSF Group stand at Cibus Tec 2023

3. Optimism Amid Concerns
The overall mood at Cibus Tec was mildly optimistic, with a sense of excitement about the industry’s potential. However, there were concerns about the developments in the Middle East, reminding everyone of the geopolitical challenges that can impact the food industry.

4. Networking and Engagements
Attendees had a bustling time at Cibus Tec, with fruitful meetings and engagements. Suppliers and industry professionals capitalized on this platform to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

The Inox Fer stand at Cibus Tec 2023

5. Special Events
One highlight of Cibus Tec 2023 was the special event hosted by Bardiani, featuring a tour of their production site and a lavish dinner at the Dallara Racing Car headquarters. These events provided a unique opportunity for networking and discussions.

The REDA separators stand at Cibus Tec 2023

6. Notable Exhibitors
The presence of companies like CSF Group, REDA Separators, and Inox-Fer underscored the significance of Cibustec as a showcase for leading players in the food technology sector.

Cibus Tec, with an impressive 80-year history, is more than just an event; it’s a global meeting point where supply meets demand, fostering innovation and encouraging investments in the food technology supply chain. Parma, the iconic host city, is at the heart of the “Food Valley,” a region that produces 60% of Italy’s food within a 200-kilometre radius. This concentration of expertise and passion for quality food has contributed to Italy’s leadership in the food technology sector.

The TMCI Padovan and Omnia Tec stands at Cibus Tec 2023

Italian food technology exports have been on the rise, with packaging machinery, food processing technologies, and bottling machines among the most exported items. The 2023 edition of Cibus Tec further solidified its role as the international showcase for excellence in food and beverage technology. It covered a wide range of topics, including transformation and packaging technologies for various products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, ready meals, meats, alternative proteins, and beverages.

Attendees gather at Cibus Tec 2023

Moreover, the presence of the largest area dedicated to food tech and artificial intelligence start-ups indicated a commitment to embracing the future of technology in the food industry. It’s evident that Cibus Tec is not only a celebration of the industry’s past and present but also a glimpse into the exciting future where innovation and technology will continue to shape the way we produce and consume food.

In conclusion, Cibustec 2023 was a resounding success, setting the stage for innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving food technology sector. It showcased the industry’s resilience and adaptability in the face of global challenges, reinforcing the belief that the future of food is bright, innovative, and filled with endless possibilities.

Nov 2023
Key Takeaways from Cibus Tec 2023: Exploring the Future of Food Technology
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