Ygros’ Non Return Check Valve, returns in a fully hygienic, maintenance free design, but with another unique feature: the YSV is fully extractable. This means that you can remove it without disassembling the industrial plant.

Suitable for horizontal, vertical up and down installation (even in vertical pipes with flow down).

YGROS’s  patented technology sets new standards in the world of plant design, thanks to a patented magnetic principle replacing the conventional spring in Non Return Valves.

Key Features:

  • No more springs that can break or misfire.
  • No flow obstructing components.
  • No stagnation point, no media entrapment.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Energy Saving: The innovative working principle and design allow for a smooth flow, minimizing pressure drop
  • Extractable Valve without intervening on the plant
  • Any installation position possible: unlike other check valves, an Ygros Valve can be installed in horizontal and vertical up and down positions
  • Laminar flow: no turbulences
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