The Scanjet SC 60A is an advanced tank cleaning nozzle especially designed for crude oil storage tanks where tank entry is restricted or limited. Thanks to its ultra-slim design, the SC 60A can be inserted into the tank via the support leg holes of floating-roof tanks, as well as other similar openings as may be available on the tank to be cleaned. The SC 60A can also be programmed for specific cleaning patterns.

Sector Cleaning
The SC 60A is pneumatically driven, and can be programmed for sector cleaning. This means that, should the job require the cleaning action to be focused solely on the tank bottom and, say, one meter up the side walls, the SC 60A can be directed to do just that.

Tank Entry
The SC 60A is designed for ease-of-entry into crude oil storage tanks without the need to cut new entry holes. Instead, the SC 60A can enter a floating-roof storage tank via the support leg openings in the tank roof. The SC 60A can be tailored to fit your requirements by advising FlowTherm of the mounting flange type and dimensions.

Solids Handling
The SC 60A is a master at handling solids. Crude oil tank cleaning is a dirty and arduous task, on account of the fact that it uses crude oil as the cleaning medium. The SC 60A can cope with solids (naturally present in the crude oil) of particle sizes several times that of conventional cleaning nozzles.

Key Features:
  • Sector cleaning
  • Support leg entry
  • Highly durable
  • Pneumatic drive
  • High solids loading
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Pitch control
  • Custom lengths
  • Certified for operation in ATEX ‘Zone 0’ (Zero) environments
  • 0-96 m3/h flow
  • 0-14 bar operating pressure
  • 17 bar max pressure
  • 12 bar recommended pressure
  • 95°C max temperature
  • Standard length: 1500 mm
  • Weighs 53 kg
  • Per additional metre of main pipe: 12 kg
  • Material in contact with cleaning media: AISI 316, PTFE
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