The Sawa LES stainless-steel hybrid centrifugal pump is an excellent alternative to side channel pumps. It has a specially developed pump cover with an inducer and an integrated recirculation system, thus allowing it to be used successfully as a self-priming pump.
The SAWA hybrid centrifugal pump LES has a better suction capabilty compared to a normal centrifugal pump. Due to its uniquely designed recirculation system in the pump cover, the LES can function as a self-priming pump. This is especially useful for CIP-return applications or in the unloading of tank trucks.

Sawa’s LES Centrifugal Pump is also available with a magnetic coupling (referred to as LESM). Because of their hermetically sealed design, magnetically coupled pumps are ideal when used for crystallising, toxic, flammable and en- vironmentally hazardous liquids. The containment shell between the two parts of the magnetic coupling seals off the pumped medium to the outside. This makes mechanical seals redundant. The magnetic coupling pumps are thus far more resistant to wear and consequently are generally entirely maintenance-free. A seal- ing-pressure system is therefore not necessary.

Key Features:

  • flow optimised volute casing and impeller designs with high efficiencies
  • dead space-free design (hygienic design)
  • excellent behaviour with liquids containing high gas shares
  • very quiet operation
  • CIP and SIP compliant
  • simple design/low maintenance costs
  • sturdy design comprising high-quality chromium- nickel-molybdenum stainless steel 1.4435 (316L) with electropolished surfaces
  • ideal for fast temperature changes thanks to sturdy design
  • option for various mechanical seal systems
  • completely drainable
  • with inducer


Flow rate Q max. 100 m3/h
Delivery head H up to 70 m
Temperature range minus 30 °C to 130 °C, max. 145 °C (SIP)
Viscosity up to approx. 200 mPas
Nominal pressure PN10 to PN63


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