Inox-Fer DR Mixing System

DR Powder Mixer Single Unit

The DR Brine/Powder Mixer series has been designed to dissolve smaller amounts of product and work with lowly viscous blends.

This Brine mixer series is a compact unit, equipped with removable bag holder by the hopper.

Operating Principle

Based on the hydrodynamic paradox a centrifugal pump sucks the fluid from the tank creating a double Venturi effect under the hopper.

The product contained in the hopper is sucked in and pushed into the liquid at a very powerful rate to ensure a perfectly homogeneous mixing. Once the product is dissolved the mixture is kept in recirculation inside the tank for a few minutes in order to secure a greater homogeneity, at this point it is transferred to the point of use by the same pump.

Available options:

  • AISI 316L contact surfaces
  • Automatic valve for powders suction
  • Spray ball for powder mixer sanitation mounted on hopper cover
  • Internal lump breaker grid for Hopper
  • Lump breaker rotating shaft (mounted inside the hopper)
  • Vibrator for hopper 

Technical data:

ModelProduct viscosity (centipose)Dissolving speed (kg/h)Centrifugal pump flow rateOperating TemperatureVacuum degree (bar)Maximum back pressure (bar)Power
DR8100*1000*10m³/h, head 10 m*From +2°C up to +80°C-0,7 Bar*0,5 Bar during the dissolution2.2 kW
DR10100*1500*16m³/h, head 10 m*From +2°C up to +80°C-0,7 Bar*0,5 Bar during the dissolution4 kW
DR15150*2600 *24m³/h, head 10 m*From +2°C up to +80°C-0,7 Bar*0,5 Bar during the dissolution5.5 kW


   * Data subject to variation depending on the products dissolved and working conditions