The Habonim Dual-Safe valve series presents an optimal design solution and guarantees isolation on critical applications and service when an emergency shut-down (ESD) valve is a necessity.
The Dual-Safe unit incorporates two main isolation valves and one bleed valve in a single body construction.
This special construction offers the lowest possible number of potential leakage points from a process connection and reduces the overall valve envelope size and weight by integrating valves, piping, and fittings into one compact design.


  • Minimizes the risk of furnace explosion
  • Increases system reliability
  • Saves space and reduces weight
  • Reduces installation time
  • Streamlines maintenance operations
  • Reduces number of items in repair kits
  • Rugged construction
  • Bubble tight shutoff on all three valves
  • Coupled operating mechanism reduces the number of actuators on the main line
  • Tongue and groove design for all body seals Variety of end connections (welded, threaded, flanged)
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