In the event you need a more unique or tailored solution, Saunders provides custom diaphragm designs, made specifically for your individual needs.

Custom valve types may be welded in tandem with valve assemblies, machined from solid block types or manifolds that incorporate both technologies.


  • Reduced wetted area to reduced dead legs
  • Improved drainability and reduced design envelope over arrangements using individual 2-way valve bodies
  • Machined from solid bodies also offer increased security due to the elimination of internal fabrication welds

Tandem Valves (Sterile Access Valves)

Tandem valves are designed to optimize drainability and meet process design requirements for minimum dead legs. A main valve is ported and a second access valve is welded to the main valve to create a tandem cluster.

Machined Tandem Valves

The Machined Tandem is a variation of the Serial Weir family.

This machined from solid Tandem Valve type offers several advantages over the welded tandem:


  • Increased security – no internal fabrication welds
  • Reduced dead leg – depending on orientation
  • Greater structural integrity

Valve Manifold / Clusters

Configuration of optimum process fabrication presents system designers with an ongoing challenge. Minimum space envelope, reduced hold up areas, reduced cost, and facilitating ease of installation are all key considerations.


  • Tailor-made solutions to customer requirements
  • Fully-tested assembled units manufactured under controlled conditions
  • Full traceability of all components Reduced on-site fabrication time and costs
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