FlowTherm and Bardiani present the B935, a double seat (mix-proof) valve with an extremely modern and compact design. The valve directs and controls the flow of two different liquids simultaneously, guaranteeing total separation between them in order to avoid any risk of contamination. The B935 is extremely effective in production plants for health-hygiene applications, and through its use ensures a reduction in the number of single seat valves required, consequently optimising available installation space.

The solid bar valve bodies and balanced valve members guarantee higher resistance against water hammer, whilst the auxiliary washing system (optional) and the detection of any leaks by means of the separation chamber between the two valve members, makes the B935 one of the safest, most hygienic and reliable valves available.


  • Complete separation between two different products
  • Maximum versatility for different applications and products
  • Maximum hygiene (3A certified)
  • Easy maintenance without the need for special tools
  • Valve bodies made from solid bar
  • Balanced valve members made from solid bar
  • Auxiliary washing system (optional)
  • Upper and lower lift control (optional)
  • Serviceable actuator
  • Versatility thanks to the various configurations available


  • Connections from DN10 to DN150 (from 1/2”to 6”)
  • EPDM, FKM, HNBR and PTFE gaskets
  • Maximum pressure 10 bar

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