Sep 2020
Flowtherm’s Range makes for a One-stop-shop for Projects

Flowtherm has just completed another full product selection for an animal based oils for food manufacturer in Australia, meaning our complimentary offering fully streamlines the process for project managers, eliminating their need to have to curate the project alone through several distributors and multiple transactions.

Some of Flowtherm’s package for this project included:

  • A range of Bardiani manual and actuated Butterfly valves, a range of BBZP single seats, and J-Giotto Control Tops
  • Plate Heat Exchangers from Kelvion
  • CSF Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps, as well as a CSF Twin Screw Pump for tank unloading.
  • A Range of Tank Protections from Servinox, including sampling valves
  • Locally sourced and built tanks, Australian made tubes, fittings, and control valves

A particular highlight of this project being the manufacturers transition from static spray balls to Scanjet Rotary Jet Heads, which alongside Scanjet’s revolutionary Washtrac, a unique tool which tracks tank cleaning for optimisation and the complete removal of guess-work, the facility will be improved by lower water consumption, and reduced downtime.

In short, the project manager found it easier to streamline and order everything they needed from one place. The product range that Flowtherm has curated means that we can offer a full package for projects that meets the unique needs of each application. In this case, our project package was Australian sourced where it could be, included cost effective but high quality technology, and emphasised components which complimented one another to create a symmetry of performance for efficiency, lower maintenance, and a more environmental carbon footprint.

Contact Us to get in touch about anything related to help with an upcoming project, to even small product selections for optimisation, maintenance, or otherwise!



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