Sep 2023
Flowtherm Singapore’s Slingshot Journey Beyond Covid

Flowtherm Singapore has emerged as a resilient force in the process and mixing industry, demonstrating remarkable adaptability and growth amidst the challenging business landscape shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic. With recent achievements such as the successful sale of a large Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE), Flowtherm Singapore exemplifies business recovery and strategic navigation in Singapore’s post-Covid normal. As the city-state emerges from years of difficult business under lockdowns, Flowtherm Singapore sets a compelling example of resilience, innovation, and future growth potential.

Flowtherm Singapore is currently undergoing significant changes, positioning itself for future growth and potential large acquisitions. The recent sale of a large Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) serves as a testament to the company’s resilience and ability to thrive amidst the challenging business environment created by the Covid-19 pandemic. As Singapore emerges from years of difficult business under Covid lockdowns, Flowtherm Singapore provides a shining example of business recovery and strategies to navigate the post-Covid normal in the process industry.

Product Manager Sam Chong speaks with an attendee at ISPE in Singapore

The Covid-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for businesses in Singapore, particularly in the process industry. Flowtherm Singapore, like many others, faced barriers to meeting customers due to lockdowns, impacting sales and operations. However, the company quickly adapted by leveraging technology, utilising platforms such as Teams and Zoom to maintain vital communication with customers and generate leads. This strategic shift allowed Flowtherm Singapore to continue engaging with its clientele and overcome the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

Product Manager Sam Chong and Australia NSW Business Development Manager Anish Gupta speak together at Flowtherm’s head office in Melbourne

Looking ahead, Flowtherm Singapore has set its sights on long-term growth and expansion. CEO Lee Knight outlines the company’s vision, stating, “Our focus is to provide our Pharmaceutical and Food & Bev customers great options and solutions, establishing ourselves as a market leader in Singapore and a springboard into other South East Asian markets.” Flowtherm Singapore aims to drive innovation within the process industry by offering cutting-edge solutions, such as levitating magnetic drive mixers and cGMP material handling machines. Collaborations with partners like Aerre Inox from Italy further strengthen the company’s position as a provider of excellent solutions.

As the process industry in Singapore recovers, Flowtherm Singapore is well-positioned to seize growth opportunities. Knight expresses optimism about the future, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, which continues to experience global growth. 

Left to Right: Technical Sales Manager at Flowtherm Bruce Grieg, Singapore Product Manager Sam Chong, and Singapore Business Development Manager Daniel Lam at ISPE Singapore

In addition, the company recognises the emerging market for plant-based and non-meat meat products, aligning its offerings with these trends to capture new opportunities. By staying agile, adapting to customer behaviour, and embracing eco-friendly solutions, Flowtherm Singapore aims to drive customer demand and foster sustainable growth in the industry.

The recent success in selling a large PHE heat exchanger highlights Flowtherm Singapore’s ability to meet customer demands promptly. Product Manager Sam Chong explains, “Quick response to customer’s request and expedite with our supplier to provide a detailed technical and commercial quotation.” Such customer-centric strategies have enabled Flowtherm Singapore to build strong relationships and secure sales, contributing to its overall success.

Flowtherm Singapore’s journey through the Covid-19 pandemic showcases its resilience and ability to navigate change. As the company prepares for potential large acquisitions, it is crucial to draw attention to its operations in Singapore. 

Flowtherm Singapore’s success story serves as a testament to business recovery in the city-state following challenging years under Covid-19 lockdowns. By embracing technology, driving innovation, and capitalising on growth opportunities, Flowtherm Singapore emerges as a leader in the process industry, ready to make a splash with its audience when the time comes for significant announcements.

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