Mar 2023
Celebrating the Women of Flowtherm for International Women’s Day 2023

Since as early as the 1920s Australians have in various ways celebrated and marched on March 8, as part of the now globally recognised International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is a day to acknowledge and celebrate Women’s achievements. It is a day to listen, learn and to spread awareness of women’s equality.

Olga Boiko, Dingle Simon, Alex Knight, Cara Sweeney, Yana Kurpershoek, and Catalina Donato (from left to right)

Today, Flowtherm would like to pay tribute to all the women working in this field and to highlight the hard-working women of the Flowtherm team. Despite the heavily unequal and the heavily unbalanced gender equality within the engineering field, Flowtherm is proud to have an incredibly strong team comprising of men and women.

Flowtherm understands the importance of inclusion and the importance of diversity. Having people from all backgrounds allows for Flowtherm to grow. In this ever-changing world we need to have a plethora of perspectives and innovative ideas to keep us afloat. Flowtherm carefully hires our staff and pick people based on their expertise, knowledge, and personality rather than external factors.

Despite, the fact that the engineering field is a heavily male dominated space, Flowtherm is proud to say that we have a very gender balanced workplace.  Flowtherm understands the importance of celebrating International Women’s Day as we know that it is incredibly important to show share our support. There is a shortage of engineers in Australia and incredibly small percentage of engineers are Women. Flowtherm encourages anyone with interest in this field to try and especially encourages more women to join. Australia is in desperate need of more engineers.


The field of Engineering has always been a heavily male dominated space. Although, there has been great progress in the past decades, women in engineering are still incredibly rare. An Australian study done by Engineers Australia in 2021 and 2022 highlights that there is a shortage of female workers in Engineering, with only 13% of engineers are women with only 11% employed.


We wanted to take a moment to appreciate the women that are a part of our team:

  • Cara Sweeney, our Commercial Manager, and who has been with our company now for 20+ years now.
  • Catalina Donato, our Business Development Manager for Capital equipment.
  • Yana Kurpershoek, our Business Development Manager for Flowtherm’s Parts and Services.
  • Dingle Simon, our Project Manager for capital equipment.
  • Sandra Easton, our Saniquip Sales Manager.
  • Elina Sith, Saniquip’s Internal Sales Manager.
  • Alex Knight, our Purchasing and Logistics Co-ordinator.
  • Mel Maksimovic, our Warehouse Co-ordinator.
  • Olga Boiko, in customer service.
  • Jasmin Daño, our Lead Generator
  • And even Flowtherm’s Content Writer, Anna Knight (me)!

Flowtherm takes great pride in being a diverse workplace. We appreciate all the hard work that every member brings to our team. Happy International Women’s Day!

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