About Flowtherm

Flowtherm is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of options and solutions for flow handling equipment.

FlowTherm has been providing technical solutions to the Food, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Desalination industries for over fifteen years and we have a team of highly trained and experienced staff available to help with any and all requirements.

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Feature Product

Metenova Dished End Mixer

Introducing the Dished End Mixer, an all-in-one unit, with a predefined optimal design. This reduces engineering time, and enables small tank installation that would otherwise not be possible.

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Latest trends
Nov 2020
Flowtherm Australia Opens Queensland Office
Flowtherm Australia, starting on 9th November 2020, is now opening an office in Brisbane,...
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Sep 2020
Another Big Pharma Project Secured
Flowtherm has secured another Project in the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry, once again...
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Sep 2020
Flowtherm’s Range makes for a One-stop-shop for Projects
Flowtherm has just completed another full product selection for an animal based oils for food...
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