PerMix PFB series Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer is a fast mixer with high efficiency, which can also be known as Fluidizing Mixer, Fluidized Zone Mixer, Non-gravity Mixer or Zero-gravity Mixer. The PFB Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer is applied to prepare a homogeneous mixture despite of particle size, shape and density. When the small amount of powder additives or liquid is required to be added into the bulk material, PFB Twin-shaft Paddle Mixers are able to achieve fast and precision mixing with high capacity. Due to its high efficiency and reliable performance, PerMixTwin-shaft Paddle Mixers are widely applied in many industries, including but not limited to: Building materials, Fly ash conditioning, Animal feeds, Mineral premixes, Instant drinks, Milk powders, Vitamin mixes, etc.

PerMix PFB Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer’s key features include:

  • Very fast mixing with a typical mixing time bewteen 30-60 seconds for most free-flowing products
  • Free particle movement in the fluidized zone
  • Minimal heat and low shear for shear and heat sensitive materials, which makes PerMix PFB Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer an ideal machine for fragile products that can’t tolerate rough handling, even flakes or spray dried bodies remaining intact after mixing
  • Large bomb bay doors for fast discharging & reduced segregation
  • Easy-clean design with openable access door at non-drive side
  • Easy-clean design with retractable shafts & drive unit
  • Liquid spray nozzles for adding liquid into the powder by spray nozzles on a pipe which is installed on the top of the mixing trough.
  • CIP (Clean-in-place) spray balls can be mounted on the PerMix mixers to make the cleaning of mixer inside easy and automatic with customer CIP cleaning station.
  • Leading edges of the paddles to be Tungsten Carbide coated for very abrasive applications.
  • Intensive high speed choppers mounted on the machine top to break lumps


  • Food Industry: Instant drinks/soups, Infant milk powder, Flour/bread/bakery mixes, Frozen vegetables, Treatment of spices
  • Feed & Pet Care: Animal feed, Mineral premixes, Aqua/fish feed, Pet food, Dairy additives
  • Pharmaceuticals: Vitamin mixes, Medical mixes
  • Chemicals: Detergents, Color pigments, Fertilizers, Explosives, Boric acid, Carbon, Fungicides, Soda ash
  • Building Materials: Dry mortar, Blended cements, Tile adhesives/grouting, Brick facings, Cement & Fibers, Flooring materials, Joint compounds, Road linings
  • Environmental Applications: Fly ash conditioning, Filter dust treatment, Sewage sludge, Food waste
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