PerMix PDR series Drum Hoop Mixer has been developed to meet increasing demands for a low batch mixer for mixing, blending, homogenizing, dying of dry powders and granules particularly in smaller industries or when frequent product changes as required.

PerMix Drum Hoop Mixers comprise a drive unit with roll-on/ roll-off ramp, and it is used in mixing, homogenizing and dyeing of powdery or granulated components in the plastics industry, chemical industry, drug and dye works, food industry as well as textile and leather industry.

Drum capacity of PDR Mixer is usually 200L, but also available with 50 and 100 liters. Usually the drum is available as standard product in the market; however customized drums are also accepted, and the hoop then needs to be adapted to the drum size.

PerMix Drum Hoop Mixers consist of a motor/worm gearbox, and two shafts with 4 rollers located on the machine base with a ramp. A hoop is designed to hold the mixing drum which is fed with powdery or granulated materials. The mixing drum can be a standard drum with full volume varying from SOL to 200L, or a drum in customized shape/volume. The hoop will be adapted to hold the drum tightly by a belt with two hooks. To perform the mixing duty, the hoop and drum assembly is rolled manually up along the ramp until finally located on the four rollers. The drive unit moves the shaft that is connected to it, and the two rollers on the shaft move the hoop/ drum, and then the other shaft/ 2 rollers will rotate. The mixing drum is lying inside the hoop with an angle, thus the material inside will move not simply up and down but also left and right, which leads to a homogeneous mixing after several minutes.


Features of a PerMix PDR Drum Mixers compared to a conventional mixer are:

  • Intensive mixing with optional internal paddle baffles mounted in the drum
  • Well suitable for frequent product changes, as the storage container at the same time serves as a mixing container
  • Avoids inappropriate handling of dusty or tonic products
  • Hoop can be used for transporting drum
  • Easy exchanging of the mixing container
  • No need for drum hoists, cradles, etc.
  • Easy cleaning of the mixing container
  • Optional GMP execution


PerMix PDR series Drum Hoop Mixers are used widely in many applications, including but not only:

  • Food & Drinks: Breakfast Cereals, Enzymes, Flavours, Herbs, Minerals, Nutraceuticals, Seasonings, Spices, Tea Mixes, Tobacco, Vitamin Mixes
  • Chemicals: Agrochemicals, Ceramic Powders, Detergents, Drugs, Dyestuffs, Leather Auxiliaries, Metal Powders, Pigments, Plastic Granules, Plastic Pellets, Plastic Powders, Textile Assistants
  • Pharmaceuticals: Active Agents, Biological Solids, Carcinogenic Substances, Concentrated Active Ingredients, Generics, Intermediate Products, Sterile Products, Toxic Substances


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