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PalPharmaTip – mobile or static tipper devices for feeding powders or liquids

PalPharmaTip drum dispensing solution offers cost effective and operator friendly disposable containment technologies for in process powder transfer between a container and a receptacle vessel. The PalPharmaTip has been developed to aid with all aspects of the Pharmaceutical Process as an easy and ergonomic method of feeding powders and liquids from one part of the process to the next making it an effortless task for the operator. This also protects the operator against the inhalation of hazardous dust especially when used in conjunction with a containment device such as an isolator and downdraught booth.

Typical applications:

  • Discharging product from a drum into a receiving vessel
  • Discharging product from a drum into a reactor
  • Feeding product into a blender or mixer
  • Feeding product into filter dryer
  • Docking a drum onto an isolator
  • Presenting the drum at an ergonomic height to sample product
  • Presenting the drum at an ergonomic height p help protect the operator from potentially hazardous product (containment booths)
  • Tipping product with a laminar flow air hood to prevent dust contamination to the surrounding area
  • Agitating potentially hard product before discharging
  • Feeding tablets into a tablet coater

Features and Benefits

  • Dual handed operation with fail safe “dead man”operation
  • Raise, lower, rotate, advance and retreat pneumatic and electric powered actuation options (no hydraulics)
  • Suitable for ATEX environment to Zone1/21 T4 with documentation
  • Static or mobile options
  • Can be conveyor or wheeled dolly drum fed
  • 90,135, 180 and 360 (blending) rotation
  • Drum cradle options included over centre clamp,ratchet clamp, discharge cone, open base for
  • wheeled dolly
  • Can handle a range of diameters, heights
  • Liner retention feature
  • Operator controls can be located to customer preference
  • Vibration on drum cradle to aid discharge of
  • sticky product
  • FDA approved gaskets and seals
  • Tipping heights designed to suit the application requirements
  • Loss in weight weighing system
  • Can be equipped with a split butterfly valve for high potency transfer applications
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