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PalPharmAssist are pneumatic engineered static lifting systems for bespoke applications

The PalPharmAssist cGMP designed pneumatic lifting systems designed to give the operator full and safe control when docking drums, kegs or plastic containers onto process machinery. Loads of up to 350kg/770lb can be handled.

This system can also handle sacks plastic/paper/polywoven/hessian/polyliners, boxes and reels

Typical applications

  • Feeding product into a blender or mixer
  • Feeding product into a dryer
  • Docking a drum or IBC onto an Isolator or Tipping Station
  • Tipping product within a Laminar Flow air hood to help dust contamination to the surrounding area
  • Feeding tablets into a tablet coater
  • Feeding packaging lines
  • Docking split butterfly values together with minimal downward force on the receiving half of the value or the supporting structure
  • Can be used in conjunction with discharge squeeze funnel fir high containment product transfer operations
  • Excellent for low headroom applications such as cleanrooms or containment booths
  • Handling requiring a reach or a cantilever into a laminar flow booth or similar
  • Handling a large range of drum sizes and weights for a pallet to pallet transfer application
  • Long stroke applications such as charging a bottle to a mill

Features and Benefits

  • Require only a clean, dry, oil free compressed air supply
  • Offers the perfect solution for restricted headroom areas such as within laminar and downflow booth environments.
  • cGMP designed articulated arms.
  • Drum rotation available, can be manually or pneumatically powered.
  • Optional end effectors to suit almost any product within the Pharmaceutical industry.
  • FDA approved gasket on all suction feet.
  • The unit can be floor ceiling or wall mounted with the articulated arms folding neatly together maximising production space for the operator.
  • Low noise levels and easy maintenance complete with a two year warranty and validation documentation ensures a quality handling solution.
  • Suitable for ATEX environment to Zone 1/21 T4 with documentation.
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