Modentic MD-928EB High Purity Cast Ball Valve

Available in both forged and cast pieces of stainless steel, all wetted metallic surfaces of clean ball valves are constructed from stainless steel, which are capable of withstanding the temperature, pressure, and chemical corrosion ensuring

the integrity of the products, In addition to SS316L and CF3M; higher grade materials are available upon request, such as AL-6XN, Nickel Alloys, Stainless steel Duplex.

The presence of ferrite in process piping components results in roughing. To prevent that, Modentic valves are low ferrite, ferrite <1% for SS316L forged valves and ferrite <3% for CF3M casted valves.

ASME BPE compliant extended tube so that welding can be performed without valve disassembly, tangent lengths furnished to standard ASME/BPE table DT-4.

Sulfur content on tube ends 0.005%~0.017 wt. % to ensure consistent weldability. Chemical composition for automatic weld end furnished to ASME BPE- Part DT-3.

To minimize the pressure drops and to facilitate the drainability, the concept of uninterrupted flow tube bore feature is designed throughout the flow path including ball, seats and end connections.