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FBF Italia

FBF ITALIA positive displacement pumps are structurally very similar to the high-pressure homogenisers and manufactured to the same high quality standards. The positive displacement pumps differ from the homogenisers, because they lack the homogenisation unit.

FBF Italia Positive displacement pumps for products containing particles:

These pumps are mainly used for the positive-displacement pumping of products that contain particles, such as pieces of tomato, vegetable or fruit. In soups, yoghurts, jams, etc … even in the presence of particularly high counter pressures (typically 50 bar or higher).

The construction of the positive-displacement pumps is much the same as the homogenisers, except for the compression head which is equipped with special pneumatically controlled valve groups. These valves are equipped with actuators, which are controlled by an electronic angular positioner to assure perfect functioning of each valve. The angular positioner allows the opening and closing phases of each individual group of valves to be independently adjusted. The ability of the pump to operate at low speeds, combined with the specially designed passages in the pneumatic controlled valves, gives low velocities and very gentle handling, maintaining the specific characteristics of the most delicate of products.

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