Resulting from the expertise and experience of the Servinox teams and brought to you by FlowTherm, the RT valve is a check valve allowing vacuum powder introduction via the tank bottom. Its flush design guarantees there is no retention zone (an ideal place for bacteria and moist powder plugs to develop).

The full clearance of the disc coupled with its massive design (the piston rod has the same diameter as the disc itself) guarantee the total absence of powder retention inside the valve.

Servinox possesses simulation tools to produce an RT valve with respect to the characteristics of the tank, the specific product and quantities of powder required.


  • Productivity: study and simulations prior to sizing for enhanced effectiveness
  • Quality: the flush design preserves product hygiene and integrity
  • Reliability of the production process: quality of the dispersals, control of the quantities of powder added and repeatability of the production recipes
  • Protection of the operators in the production phase: prevention of the risks associated with exposure to stress and health risks at work (handling loads, exposure to emanations, etc.)
  • Maintenance: the tank bottom position makes for easier accessibility



  • Installation on process tank bottom and vacuum production reactor
  • We recommend completing the installation with a rotor stator type disperser to ensure powder propagation and homogeneous mixing throughout the liquid
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