Saunders Life Science PTFE diaphragms are robust two piece leaf type. This design uses a wetted PTFE face backed with a fabric reinforced rubber diaphragm. Resistance to compression set, mechanical strength, and thermal resistance properties all mean critical performance.

Saunders has front-to-back ownership of all phases of diaphragm development and manufacture. This includes the sintering and coining of PTFE diaphragm faces as well as the compounding, calendering and compression molding of elastomer diaphragms and backing cushions.

Saunders PTFE type diaphragms utilise bayonet attachment to compressor to reduce point loading, improve sealing performance and facilitate installation.

Saunders EX Endurance Diaphragms

Key Features:

  • EX Endurance Diaphragms offers outstanding high temperature performance and is resistant to prolonged exposure to high temperature steam up to 175° C (347° F)
  • EX Endurance is ideal for steam distribution and supply, sterile barrier and block and bleed applications
  • Improved Seal to Atmosphere performance and reduced requirements for re-torqueing of fasteners after thermocycling

Saunders 214/425 PTFE Diaphragms

Key Features:

  • 100% virgin PTFE product contact face which is inert and unaffected by media common to bio- process applications
  • Industry conforming low levels of extractables and leachables
  • Fabric reinforced EPM backing

Type 214S/425 Modified PTFE Diaphragms

Key Features:

  • Reduction in cold flow deformation typically associated with conventional PTFE components present in BioPharm systems
  • Improved performance under aggressive steam sterilization and pure water-based media
  • Fabric reinforced EPM backing


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